Q: Is your space safe for those with chemical sensitivities?

A: We have done our best to make Myo a safe environment for those with sensitivities. In our construction process, we used zero VOC paints and floating floor coverings; we clean our space and wash our sheets with unscented natural products, and we stock unscented hypoallergenic lotions. Since the building and our furnishings are relatively new, however, it is impossible to guarantee that they have completely aired, and we cannot control the scents other clients bring to our space. Certain of our products do contain essential oils. Please feel free to come visit our space before making an appointment. With prior notice, we can also remove all scented product containers and other questionable items from your treatment room, and ensure that your therapist is not using scented detergent or body care products. Alternately, consider booking an out-call.

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Q: I suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities. Is your space safe?
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