About Us

Myo Massage was founded in 2006 by Austin massage therapists Catherine Collett and Levi Cory. Our mission was to create a resource for high-quality, effective massage in Austin, by gathering and nurturing a community of the best Austin massage therapists. Together, we are dedicated to the continued wellness of our clients and community.


Our process begins with our highly selective hiring standards. We carefully evaluate each candidate’s technique, hiring only those with great quality of touch and advanced clinical skills. You won’t find inexperienced therapists with us; our average therapist has over 10 years experience. This matters because even with ‘natural’ talent it takes time to develop the skills necessary to accurately find and release just the right spots for lasting results. Once hired, we also offer one on one training and mentorship to ensure that each therapist has mastered the specific techniques they offer with us. And because of our reputation in the massage community, our supportive work environment, and our competitive payscale, our therapists generally stay with us for many years.

Our menu features a wide variety of services ranging from relaxation massage to advanced techniques designed to address pain and injuries, specific body systems, or medical conditions.
* For chronic tension and “knots”, try Deep Tissue massage or Myofascial Release.  These techniques work with the deep muscles and connective tissue that define posture, and working on this level can have long-lasting results.
* To relieve stress, or if you prefer gentle pressure, try a Swedish massage.  You might also enjoy Craniosacral therapy or Lymphatic drainage, which use extremely light pressure and calm the nervous system.
* For a perfect mix of both relaxation and deeper work, The Myo massage is the right choice for you.  You might also enjoy Hot Stone massage or Ashiatsu for deep relaxation.
* If you have chronic pain, injuries, or structural/postural issues, Pain Management massage is the best choice.
* To speed recovery from athletic training, book a session with a therapist on our Sports massage team.
* If you’d like to feel more flexible and energized, try a Thai massage.
* For allergies, immune disorders, inflammation, or to speed recovery from surgery or other injuries, try Lymphatic Drainage.
* For digestive, reproductive, or other organ issues, try Arvigo Abdominal Massage or Chi Nei Tsang.
* Acupuncture is also a great choice for hormonal, digestive and immune imbalances, as well as for nerve pain.
* Most of our services can be enjoyed together in the same room with a friend or loved one as a couples massage, or you can enhance your relaxation with a therapeutic bath before your massage.