Rolfing® Structural Integration works with the deep myofascial structures to produce profound results in the client’s posture, flexibility and freedom of movement. Changes in structure can impact the whole person physically, emotionally, and energetically. Rolfing usually begins with the Ten-Series Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, plus variations of her original protocol that address the unique needs of each client. Each of the ten sessions is focused on freeing restrictions in a particular area or layer of the body; together, the series seeks to realign the client in gravity, thus addressing the root source of pain or tension. Client and Rolfer™ also work together on movement patterns for functional integration.

Rolfing sessions last 60-90 minutes including structural analysis. Clients should be prepared to work in swim or underwear.

  • 1 Session – $125
  • 3 Sessions – $350
  • 10 Sessions – $1125