Therapeutic Baths

Our luxurious whirlpool bathtub features 16 adjustable jets, an effervescent air jet system, chromatherapy, in-line heating, and room enough for two. Enjoy a relaxing whirlpool soak before your massage or choose a therapeutic bath blend from the choices on the left.

Baths are best before your massage to prepare your muscles for deeper work. It is recommended to refrain from washing with soap for several hours after a salt bath to enhance mineral absorption.

All pricing is the same for either 1 or 2 people. The bath is large enough to accommodate 2 people facing each other with legs interlaced.

Dead Sea Salt Bath
Athletic Salt Bath
Himalayan Pink Bath
Milk and Honey Bath
Romance Bath
Whirlpool Soak


  • 25 minute whirlpool soak – $35
  • 25 minute therapeutic bath – $45
  • Add 30 minutes for $25