Kelli Roan

kellirecTraining: 750 hours

School: The Massage Institute of Dallas

Licensed since: 1999

Continuing Education: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy

Areas of expertise: Pain Management, Deep TissueSports Massage, and TMJ dysfunction.

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Kelli Roan has been a massage therapist for 15 years. She specializes in pain management/structural massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and deep tissue. She also spent 5 years working with clients suffering from various disabilities, including cerebral palsy, and the mentally handicapped. Kelli is a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner, and a graduate of the Yoga Institute of Houston (2008). In 1994, Kelli was in a car accident and fractured two vertebrae, suffered severe whiplash, and head trauma. Her painful ordeal lasted for 4 years until she discovered massage as a treatment. Today she spends her free time mountain biking, rock climbing, playing softball, and core workouts. Kelli became a therapist in order to help others- to give the gift that she had been given. Her personal experience with injury and athletics combined with her knowledge of anatomy and physiology give her a strong foundation to address the causes of imbalance or pain. Based on her extensive knowledge of stretching, she is also able to pass on specific home exercises that quicken progress and offer even more relief. Kelli is best known for her neck work and deep tissue work.

How long have you been a licensed massage therapist?
15 years

How many hours of training do you have?
I have 750 hours of training.

Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?
19 years ago I was injured in an automobile accident. I had two fractured vertebrae and severe whiplash of the neck. It wasn’t until I discovered massage therapy that I was able to get off of the pain pills and get back to the quality of life that I was used to before the accident. I chose a career in massage because I wanted to give back to others what I had received and to help them overcome chronic pain issues.

Where did you go to school for massage?
The Massage Institute of Dallas

How do you describe your massage/work to others?
I am best known for my deep tissue work. I like to focus on the problems areas and I also use a lot of Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy.

What are some examples of Continuing Education you are interested in and why?
I am currently going to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant because the body is an amazing thing and the more I know the more I can help my clients.

What do you do to stay healthy?
Dancing, mountain biking, softball, swimming, running, core workouts, weight training, and yoga.

What do you like about working at Myo Massage?
I get to work with and trade with some of the best therapists in Texas!!!!

How do you approach pain management massage?
I treat each person individually by listening carefully to their concerns and symptoms. These are the areas that I will address first and then I will have a better understanding of what the cause of the symptom is. I will look at the body as a whole and evaluate what is happening structurally. I have a vast understanding of the muscular and skeletal system and I can feel with my hands any areas that need attention as well as what modalities to use to treat the areas. I also do some muscle testing and take measurements to keep an accurate record of our progress. I tell clients what to expect after each session and give them some stretches and things to do at home to help get the most out of their sessions.

What techniques do you frequently use in pain management massage?
PNF, Active Release, TMJ, Pelvic floor stabilization, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, Deep Tissue, ROM, Passive Stretching