Laura Srygley

laurarecTraining: 1400 hours

School: Northwest School of Massage in Washington

Licensed since: 2005

Continuing Education: Shiatsu, Watsu and visceral manipulation

Areas of expertise: Swedish, The Myo

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How long have you been a licensed massage therapist?
Since 2005

How many hours of training do you have?
About 1400 hours.

Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?
I have always enjoyed the field of health and wellness. Feeling good in your physical and emotional body is key to living an optimal life. I think the element of touch is extremely important, and often missing in people’s lives. I like meeting and working with a variety of people as well as helping people feel their best.

Where did you go to school for massage?
Northwest School of Massage in Washington State, and School of Shiatsu and Massage in Middleton, CA

How do you describe your massage/work to others?
My work is based on being fully present, intuitive, and allowing a person’s natural movement help restore the body. I have years of experience working with common chronic pain issues such as frozen shoulder and back pain, and also more challenging cases such as working with amputees, paraplegics, cerebral palsy, brain injury, and autistic children. Before relocating to Austin, I had a private practice in Seattle where I established a reputation for being able to work with any type of physical disability. I also continue to travel and do aquatic bodywork, and teach continuing education classes in aquatic bodywork.

What are some examples of Continuing Education you are interested in and why?
I always love learning more aquatic bodywork. I also would like to learn more lomi lomi and thai massage, which embody elements working in the water as they are movement oriented and 3 dimensional. I also enjoy working with very subtle levels of tuning into the body. I have completed most of a year training in visceral manipulation, which I would like to finish and work more with. I feel that it is a crucial ‘missing element’ of massage that encompasses the entire body, organs, nerves, arteries, bones etc., and is also very effective for chronic pain.

How has receiving massage affected you personally?
Receiving massage has always helped me become more aware of myself on a deep level, physically and emotionally. It’s helped me realize the importance of relaxing in this stressful world.

What do you do to stay healthy?
I swim every day and practice yoga, qigong, and dancing. Plus I have fun, relax and eat well.

What do you like about working at Myo Massage?
I like that the staff are very skilled and supportive therapists and we can learn from each other. I like that the clients are interested in progressing with their health. I like that people that work here respect and like each other, and there is a high level of trust among everyone.