AIS Stretching Group Classes

This class is currently not being offered due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Please click here to see our online class offerings!

AIS is a simple but profound system of myofascial stretching with applications in physical therapy, pain management, and athletic performance. It is used by many professional athletes to improve recovery, prevent injury and enhance optimal range of motion. It is gentle enough for anyone, and can help address many of the imbalances and mobility restrictions at the root of chronic pain.

Unlike static stretching, AIS uses precise, isolated stretches, performed multiple times but held for no more than 2 seconds at a time. The short duration of the stretch is key in avoiding the body’s protective contraction response to prolonged stretching. This allows for quick and lasting change to the fascial planes. And because it is active, it also re-educates the nervous system to be able to move and bear weight in a wider range of motion.

Group Classes

Group AIS classes will teach you a series of active isolated stretches to practice at home. For complex concerns, it is recommended to also book a one-on-one AIS session to help identify your specific imbalances and the corresponding stretches to practice.


5-Class Pass$100
10-Class Pass$160
Myo Membership
(6 classes + 1 massage per month)
Unlimited Membership
(unlimted classes + 1 massage per month)