Balance & Strength (Terra)


Strength is more than muscle tone: it’s the ability to do what you love, to be independent, and to help others. Before reaching for heavy weights, we believe in building a foundation of stability, core strength, and control in all planes of movement. If you’re already strong, Terra classes will help you cross train and fine tune your movement patterns to enhance your performance. For the rest of us, these classes will transform your capacity to move, climb, balance, and BE.

As children, we use our bodies to crawl, climb, roll, wrestle, run, walk, squat, jump, dance, and play practically every moment of the day. As we grow up, we typically constrain that movement to walking, sitting, “working” and isolated episodes of “exercising”. Even those of us with active jobs and frequent exercise are usually repeating the same subset of movements day after day, leading to the prevalence of repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, and arthritis.

Floor Barre

Floor-Barre® is a ballet-inspired workout designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core, hip, and foot control, and improve body alignment and balance. All exercises are executed lying on the floor, allowing students to focus inward, working muscles deeply and intelligently. It is gentle on joints and perfect for injury prevention and recovery as well as cross-training.

Iyengar Yoga for Hips

So much of the quality of your daily life depends on the mobility of and strength in your hips. In this class, we will explore how to increase or maintain the strength and mobility of your hips through yoga postures which can also alleviate stress in the shoulders, low back, knees, legs, glutes, groin, hip flexors, ankles, foot and heel due to tight hips.

Somatic Flow

Somatic flow is a unique experience that brings about support for overall wellness through integrated mind, body, and energetic balancing. The goal of this class is to aid in trauma release and injury prevention, promote cellular regeneration and structural integrity, and create an embodied experience that feels best to you. Together, we will incorporate trauma release practices, guided breathwork and meditation, hatha, and yin yoga to help one find ease in the body.


In the Move Lab we will explore, play, and build the foundations of natural human movement, such as balance, core strength, and mobility. This training method focuses on quality of movement and builds practical skills that will increase your strength and capacity in everything you do.