Balance & Strength (Terra)


Strength is more than muscle tone: it’s the ability to do what you love, to be independent, and to help others. Before reaching for heavy weights, we believe in building a foundation of stability, core strength, and control in all planes of movement. If you’re already strong, Terra classes will help you cross train and fine tune your movement patterns to enhance your performance. For the rest of us, these classes will transform your capacity to move, climb, balance, and BE.

As children, we use our bodies to crawl, climb, roll, wrestle, run, walk, squat, jump, dance, and play practically every moment of the day. As we grow up, we typically constrain that movement to walking, sitting, “working” and isolated episodes of “exercising”. Even those of us with active jobs and frequent exercise are usually repeating the same subset of movements day after day, leading to the prevalence of repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, and arthritis.

Iyengar / Yoga Wall

Iyengar Yoga places special emphasis on precise alignment and form.  For this reason, it is especially well suited for therapeutic applications like balancing structural misalignments.  Poses in Iyengar are usually held for longer than in other styles of yoga, allowing the practitioner to focus on the details and make adjustments which transform the impact of each posture.

Floor Barre

Floor-Barre® is a ballet-inspired workout designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core, hip, and foot control, and improve body alignment and balance. All exercises are executed lying on the floor, allowing students to focus inward, working muscles deeply and intelligently. It is gentle on joints and perfect for injury prevention and recovery as well as cross-training.

Therapeutic Pilates Mat

This class is designed to promote wellness through mindful movement practice and low-impact Pilates method exercises. We will use props to aid in relaxation and stretching to promote mobility through proper alignment as we move through the class.

Core Explorer

When the core, and in particular the deepest core muscle, the Transverse Abdominus, is healthy and activated we experience more freedom of movement, straighter posture and reduced low back pain.  This class explores and strengthens the core with a fluid blend of Pilates, floor work, and abdominal isolation exercises.

Beginner Yoga

These classes introduce you to the forms and language of yoga, forming a solid foundation for your yoga practice and giving you the confidence to take more advanced classes.


These classes are part of the growing awareness in the fitness world that quality of movement – meaning pain-free agility, coordination, balance, ease, and grace – is just as important as calories burned or pounds lifted. It’s also the key to a life-long, injury-free movement practice. Activities include rolls, crawls, squats, hangs, and joint mobilization. The instructor will be able to assess your abilities, imbalances, and weaknesses to customize the exercises for you.