Birth Support Physical Therapy

The process of child bearing is full of changes, questions, and unknowns. It may be the most challenging thing you ever ask of your body. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of education, preparation, and support available for birthers and their families. We offer a number of services that can help through all phases of pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum recovery.

Pregnancy can be full of aches and pains. Sometimes these pains linger or become chronic. You do not need to wait for baby to come to alleviate your discomfort. If you are pregnant and experiencing back, hip, or pelvic pain, physical therapy can help.

Knowing what to expect, preparing your body, and having a game plan are all vital for a smooth and healthy delivery. Birth preparation services include education about the process of labor and delivery, information about birthing position and breathing techniques, pelvic floor preparation, and birth planning assistance.

Postpartum recovery is different for everyone. No two births are the same and no two recovery processes are the same. We will come up with a roadmap for recovery, progress at your individual pace, and get you back to doing all of the things you want to do after baby arrives.

In addition to Birth support, Errin also offers Pelvic Floor physical therapy and Private Pilates / fitness sessions to maintain pelvic health, manage symptoms, and build strength and endurance to return to the activities that you enjoy. Follow the links to learn more about these specializations.


Pelvic Floor PT Session$185
Birth Support Session$185
Private Pilates Session$116

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