Fitness & Stretching (Sol)

Movement is life! Your movement practice should be joyful and fun, not a chore at the gym. Sol classes are about moving, opening, and expanding your range of movement. Stretching and self care classes in the Sol category take an active approach to increasing mobility; yoga, dance and workout classes invite you to breathe deep, feel the flow, and work up a little sweat.

Pilates Fit

This is a contemporary Pilates mat class designed to develop strength and flexibility through mindful movement practice and a fun, athletic approach to the classical Pilates method.

Core Barre

Core Barre is based in the principles of Zena Rommett Floor-Barre™ and Pilates with an emphasis on ballet and strength training. You will use your own body weight and resistance bands to strengthen the body, improve posture and increase flexibility during this full body, hour long workout.

Workout! with Erica Nix

Erica Nix is on a mission to make working out fun again! Drawing from classic Richard Simmons style aerobics, this class is welcoming, inclusive, kitschy and so much fun. Break out your wrist bands and get your sweat on!

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow comes from the Vinayasa yoga tradition, which focuses on flowing movements from one posture to the next, often coordinated to the breath.