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During our closure due to COVID-19, we know many of our clients are dealing with pain or tension, or feeling cooped up and inactive.  At the same time, our therapists and teachers, who have dedicated their lives to helping others through touch, are stuck at home, unable to work.  Online appointments are one way for us to connect you with a massage therapist, teacher, or acupuncturist to get the self-care instruction, movement training, or advice you need.  This is also a great way to stay connected and support your favorite massage therapist or movement trainer.

Consider asking for self-massage or partner massage techniques for a particular concern, advice on herbs and nutrition to help with immunity or a chronic health condition, guided meditation, a consultation on setting up your home work station, instruction in nervous system regulation for stress and pain relief (Applied Somatic Therapy), or a customized yoga, pilates or Feldenkrais session.

We also have a LPC intern, Drea Fackler (supervised by Rebecca Lincoln, LPC-S) who will be offering mental health counseling. Drea is trained in Hakomi which utilizes principles such as nonviolence, organicity, mindfulness, and mind-body integration. Sessions can be focused on the clients self-study as well as nervous system regulation in this difficult time.

Our staff members each have unique areas of specialization and knowledge, so if you have a particular question or need we should be able to match you with someone who can help.

Pricing is by donation.  Our goal is to make these offerings accessible to all while supporting our staff.  A recommended donation for a 30 minute verbal consultation is between $10-$50.  Mental health counseling is $20-$100 for 50 minutes.  One-on-one movement instruction is suggested at $50-$100/hour.

If you’d like to schedule, please complete the request form below.  We will reach out to you to coordinate your appointment.  Appointments will be held via video chat.


By donation.
Consultations are suggested $10-50 for 30 minutes.
Counseling is suggested $20-$100 for 50 minutes.
Private training is suggested $50-100 for an hour.



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