Heidi Summers


Heidi is a trauma-informed licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner who holds a B.S. in Psychology from Texas State University. They have been teaching dance for 15 years and specifically yoga and somatic movement since 2018.

Heidi views movement as a conversation between the body, mind, and soul, and ultimately as a way to become more free and embodied in the experience of life. Movement is an ancient form of wise communication that helps us heal when words are not enough. Dance and yoga have been home to them for many years, a place where they go to rest, find wisdom, and restore. This is what Heidi hopes to bring to you in class: a safe space to be curious and explore your own body’s capabilities and limits with kindness and gentleness. They believe that all people deserve to find movement that feels safe, accessible, and kind.

Due to years of experiencing chronic pain, Heidi leans heavily on trusting your own body wisdom and attuning to your needs and will always encourage you to find a path of movement that feels best for you. Their yoga practice is grounded in the Hatha tradition with an emphasis on breath informing movement, energetic and physical alignment, and finding ease in postures. People have often described their classes as: inclusive, kind, grounding, and nurturing.

Come explore their Somatic Flow classes for energetic balancing and full body rejuvenation.