Qi Gong

This class is currently not being offered due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Please click here to see our online class offerings!

This class will introduce you to the Wudang style of Qi Gong as taught to Joshua by Master Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen). Qi Gong is an ancient healing practice that focuses on cultivating, circulating and harmonizing Qi, or energy, and which develops coordination, balance, freedom of movement and focus. As compared to T’ai Chi, Qi Gong is simpler and more free form. Movements are slow and fluid and may be repeated to build energy.

Qi Gong is excellent for people who are looking for balance and ease in their life, no matter what age or level of health. It can be modified or practiced seated to suit those with mobility issues or injuries. It is a great compliment to athletes to train with more ease and flow. It greatly improves any other physical activity while giving your mind space to enjoy the experience. It is a practice that knows no boundaries or limits of depth.


5-Class Pass$100
10-Class Pass$160
Myo Membership
(6 classes + 1 massage per month)
Unlimited Membership
(unlimited classes + 1 massage per month)