Restorative & Meditation (Luna)


These classes take a gentle, slow approach, making space for healing, softening, exploration, and nervous system release. Slow movement allows us to focus on the details and build smooth coordination and strength with low risk for injury. Mindfulness and nervous system regulation are key parts of managing pain and stress and recovering from injury or trauma. And by becoming more fully present in our bodies, we can more fully experience life.

Luna classes are the place to start if you have limited mobility, injuries, or need rest and repair.

Roll & Relax

Amplify your usual workout routine with this companion class meant to relax and stretch your whole body. Each class is intended to ease tension in the body and improve mobility. You’ll use several different props including foam rollers, yoga straps, yoga blocks, and massage balls. Roll and Relax is a wonderful way to decrease soreness after intense workouts, increase range of motion, combat tech neck, and mindfully unwind. Get ready to stretch from head to toe and roll out all sore spots!


The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic education system which uses gentle movement and directed attention to explore habitual movement patterns and discover new, more efficient, graceful and pain-free ways of moving. Benefits include an increased ease and range of motion, better coordination, and increased mindfulness and curiosity throughout life. It can also help identify and overcome habits and tension holding patterns that may be limiting your capabilities and growth or which may even cause injury.

Sound Healing and Meditation

Sound healing is an experience like no other for soothing the mind, body, and spirit. We use crystal singing bowls and gongs to generate sound frequencies for an incredible therapeutic effect. Participants relax and listen while the sound vibrations promote deep relaxation and a meditative state. This is a refreshing and ideal way to reduce stress, completely relax, and restore energetic balance in your system.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”, uses guided meditation to induce a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.
The practice will begin with 15 minutes of gentle movement to aid the process of relaxation. Students will then be led through a guided relaxation and meditation. This is performed while lying comfortably on the back with eyes closed. Benefits may include increased sleep quality, decreased stress, and improved healing. Please dress comfortably.

Slow and Mindful Yoga

Good breathwork is essential to finding the quietness inside, deepening the practice and deepening the connection to life.

Suitable for all levels, this breath-first approach to yoga consists of a slow-paced series of standing and sitting postures that prioritize practicing yoga from the inside out. In this class, students learn a number of different breathing systems combined with a sequence that helps them build stronger lungs that work better and lead to a healthier life. This includes better balance, improved flexibility, stronger bones, reduced stress and anxiety, and promotes better sleep.

Postural Alignment and Somatic Integration

As a participant you will learn foundational movement practices that will encourage and bring mindfulness to how you physically interact in the world through awareness of your body’s alignment, organization and coordination. Activities occur while seated, standing or lying down and include breathwork and meditation to slow the body down, and movements that encourage mobility, strength and flexibility to enliven and awaken. The class also explores exercises which integrate your visual, vocal and tactile senses with breath and movement to cultivate a fuller self-awareness.