Restorative Movement

MyoMove Level 1 Restorative &
MyoMove (Natural Movement) Level 2 Challenge

Join the Movement! These classes are part of the growing awareness in the fitness world that quality of movement – meaning pain-free agility, coordination, balance, ease, and grace – is just as important as calories burned or pounds lifted. It’s also the key to a life-long, injury-free movement practice. In MyoMove classes we will explore and build the foundations of movement, such as balance, core strength, and mobility. Activities include rolling, crawling, squatting, and hanging. The instructor will be able to assess your abilities, imbalances, and weaknesses to customize the exercises for you. As your skills progress, we will explore coordinated movements that challenge and improve your balance, adaptability, and strength, such as transitions between sitting, standing and squatting, balancing on narrow or uneven surfaces, bodyweight exercises, lifting, or climbing.

Individual instructors will draw from their varied backgrounds including the work of pioneers and master trainers such as Erwan Le Corre (MovNat), Ido Portal, Will Chung, and Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement), and training systems such as Functional Patterns, Functional Range Conditioning, Yoga TuneUp, Original Strength, and more!