Aging is inevitable, but losing function and independence doesn’t have to be. As we go through life, we develop movement habits that don’t take advantage of our full capacity. These restrictions and imbalances, rather than age itself, are typically the root cause of the aches and pains we experience. Rebuilding mobility, stability and balance is possible at any age. These classes will help build capabilities, confidence and safety.

Tai Chi

This class will introduce you to the Wudang style of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a martial art and healing practice that originated in China more than two thousand years ago. It incorporates many elements of Qi Gong, but its forms are typically more complex. Tai Chi practice consists of a continuous series of circular, slow, relaxed and smooth flowing movements and coordinated breath that has numerous health benefits for people of all ages and health conditions. It will particularly help with coordination, balance, ease of movement and focus.

Qi Gong

This class will introduce you to the Wudang style of Qi Gong. Qi Gong is an ancient healing practice that focuses on cultivating, circulating and harmonizing Qi, or energy. As compared to Tai Chi, Qi Gong is simpler and more free form. Movements are slow and fluid and may be repeated to build energy. Qi Gong is the best place to start if you have injuries or mobility issues.


The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic education system which uses gentle movement and directed attention to explore habitual movement patterns and discover new, more efficient, graceful and pain-free ways of moving. Benefits include an increased ease and range of motion, better coordination, and increased mindfulness and curiosity throughout life. It can also help identify and overcome habits and tension holding patterns that may be limiting your capabilities and growth or which may even cause injury.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

AIS is a simple but profound system of myofascial stretching with applications in physical therapy, pain management, and athletic performance. It is used by many professional athletes to improve recovery, prevent injury and enhance optimal range of motion. It is gentle enough for anyone, and can help address many of the imbalances and mobility restrictions at the root of chronic pain.

Iyengar Yoga – Hip Openers

Iyengar Yoga places special emphasis on precise alignment and form. For this reason, it is especially well suited for therapeutic applications like balancing structural misalignment.