About Us

Experience Relief

Our mission is to help you feel and move better throughout life by reducing pain and building a foundation of mobility, strength, and balance, through massage, acupuncture, and movement therapies.

MYO team

Our Story

Myo was founded in 2006 by Catherine Collett and Levi Cory as Austin’s first quality-driven massage studio specializing in Pain Management and deep tissue massage. As practicing therapists ourselves, our vision was to raise the standard for therapeutic massage in Austin, by gathering and nurturing a community of the best massage therapists. In 2018, we added therapeutic movement to the equation with the goal of supporting our clients to make lasting changes. Just like our massage therapists, our instructors have exceptional skill, knowledge, and experience working with clinical cases like injuries and chronic pain. Massage alone is a powerful therapeutic tool, but the best results come from changing habits in daily life. Together, massage, acupuncture and movement classes provide the foundation for pain relief, better movement, and better living.

Our Values

Raise the Bar

We take quality seriously. This starts with our extremely selective hiring process; we hire only the most skilled and knowledgeable therapists and instructors, and our average team member has over 13 years of experience. This matters because even with natural talent it takes time to develop the touch skills, precision, and depth of knowledge necessary to get lasting results. Once hired, we offer one on one training and mentorship to ensure they have mastered the specific techniques they offer with us. And now, with the Myo Institute, we are taking that training even further. We’ve made it our life’s work to raise the bar for massage and movement therapies in Austin.

Love What You Do

We hire therapists and instructors with a passion for their work and a drive for continued learning. That passion shines through in every massage and class, helping you feel better and more capable of doing what YOU love.

Knowledge Matters

Our massage and movement therapists may seem a little magical – oh, who are we kidding, they really are! But they are also grounded in knowledge, cutting edge techniques, and applied functional science. Human anatomy and movement patterns are staggering in their complexity, and creating change takes both art and science. There will always be unknowns, but the more we know, the better we can target the root causes of pain, imbalance and tension. We come from a place of science, inquiry and exploration: we want to know what works, how it works, and why. We know quite a lot about the body, and we’re always learning more.

Always Listen

Listening is the heart of what we do. We start with your history, goals, and preferences, but it doesn’t end with your words. We also listen for your posture & movement habits, mobility and restrictions, injuries and inflammation, emotional and energetic states, and the way you respond to the work we do together. Listening informs everything that follows. Come be heard.

Sustainable Results

We think about long-term results. Some things seem good in the moment, but cause damage in the long run – especially if we dive in without building a solid foundation. We want to help you feel great now, but also when you’re 90. We make sustainability central to each choice, from the types of classes and massages we offer, to our selection of products, to the way we compensate our staff and manage our back office.

Nourish Community

To achieve lasting results, it takes practice, consistency and support. We’re building a community that supports wellness, healthy living, and functional fitness. For us that starts with supporting our staff in embodying their own wellness and professional development. We’ve already built a strong community of massage therapists. 83% of our current therapists have been with us at least 3 years, and several have been at Myo since the very beginning in 2006. We’re looking forward to building the same nourishing community for our movement instructors. With a strong community of practitioners, we can be here to support your journey every step of the way.

Join the Movement!

Our bodies respond to the way we use them. When we segment our time and energy into distinct categories like work time, family time, screen time, and gym time, and if we spend most of that time restricted and immobilized by chairs, cars, shoes, social expectations, and repetitive exercise or work routines, our bodies respond by becoming segmented and stiff. This means that even when we do move, parts of us remain isolated, weak, and sedentary, while other parts may be overworked to the point of injury. Myo is part of a growing “Movement Movement”, a community of trainers and therapists in many fields who share the belief that gains in functional strength, mobility, capability and freedom are more important than calories burned or pounds lifted. Everyone can benefit from better movement, whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out. Our goal is to support you in recovering from injuries, restoring balance, and developing a movement practice that incorporates high-quality exploratory movement in everything you do.