Therapeutic Massage in Austin

Our therapeutic massage category includes techniques designed to address musculoskeletal concerns, like back pain, muscle tension, injuries, overuse syndromes, tendonitis, and chronic stress. All our therapists have training in one or more advanced therapeutic modalities and will be able to address specific concerns, but some techniques are more suited to particular issues than others. If you are dealing with chronic pain or injuries, consider Pain Management, and for specialty techniques for other specific concerns, take a look at our specialty massage services.

The Myo

Our most popular service is The Myo, a customized blend of deep tissue and relaxing massage which allows you and your therapist to design a session that focuses on what you need most. For our younger clients, we also offer The Myo Jr.


Sports massage uses both deep tissue, circulatory, and stretching massage styles to target the areas you use in your particular sport or activity, to decrease recovery time and prevent injuries.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and fascia to give longer lasting relief of pain and tension. While deep tissue massage can be very deep if needed, it’s not really about the pressure: it’s about precision and working on the right layers to get the best results.


Swedish massage is a relaxation style massage that focuses on circulation and calming the nervous system, rather than on targeted problem-solving.  Stress is a causative or aggravating factor in most illnesses and conditions.


Prenatal massage supports an expectant mother through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. Our prenatal massage therapists are trained to safely position and work with the mother through each stage of pregnancy. We also offer Induction Massage to help facilitate birthing.

The Myo Jr.

The Myo Jr. massage is for clients aged 5-16. Booking this service ensures that you are placed with a therapist who has experience working with younger clients. Similarly to The Myo, the Myo Jr. will incorporate both Deep Tissue (therapeutic) and Swedish (relaxation) massage as needed to address the client’s needs.


Ashiatsu massage (often called Ashi) is a deep style of massage in which the therapist uses their feet to provide deep, broad pressure. Bars suspended from the ceiling allow the therapist to balance and control their weight. It’s a great choice for those with dense muscle mass or anyone who loves deep pressure.