Somatic Flow Yoga in Austin

Somatic flow is a unique experience that brings about support for overall wellness through integrated mind, body, and energetic balancing. The goal of this class is to aid in trauma release and injury prevention, promote cellular regeneration and structural integrity, and create an embodied experience that feels best to you. Together, we will incorporate trauma release practices, guided breathwork and meditation, hatha, and yin yoga to help one find ease in the body.  Acknowledging that we are complex beings with varied experiences, this class offers movement that is suited for all and customized to fit each client’s needs.

The purpose of a somatic flow class is to explore intentional movement and stillness alike to help regulate the nervous system and achieve a greater state of homeostasis. In combining these modalities in one class, there is a unique opportunity for deep healing and restoration for the mind, body, and spirit. From a physical perspective, hatha will focus more on strengthening and stretching the muscular system while the yin portion will focus more on creating openness in fascia, joints, and ligaments. The pace of the class starts slow and intentional, builds heat toward the middle, and ends with some restorative postures. Come join us for this full body practice and explore the possibility of creating space within your experience to move, express, and be free.


5-Class Pass$100
10-Class Pass$160
Myo Membership
(6 classes + 1 massage per month)
Movement Membership
(unlimited classes)
Unlimited Membership
(unlimited classes + 1 massage per month)