Movement Classes in Austin

Our class offerings

Explore our movement classes below, featuring a variety of fitness style classes and somatic exploration. We also offer a selection of yoga classes here.

movement classes


The Feldenkrais Method® is a somatic education system which uses gentle movement and directed attention to explore habitual movement patterns and discover new, more efficient, graceful and pain-free ways of moving. Benefits include an increased ease and range of motion, better coordination, and increased mindfulness and curiosity throughout life. It can also help identify and overcome habits and tension holding patterns that may be limiting your capabilities and growth or which may even cause injury.

Floor Barre

Floor-Barre® is a ballet-inspired workout designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core, hip, and foot control, and improve body alignment and balance. All exercises are executed lying on the floor, allowing students to focus inward, working muscles deeply and intelligently. It is gentle on joints and perfect for injury prevention and recovery as well as cross-training.

Pilates Fit

A contemporary Pilates mat class designed to develop strength and flexibility through mindful movement practice and a fun, athletic approach to the classical Pilates method. We will work with our body’s relationship to gravity and involve the use props for proper alignment and form, plus get the most out of every minute with both supine and standing exercises.

Core Barre

Core Barre is based in the principles of Zena Rommett Floor-Barre™ and Pilates with an emphasis on ballet and strength training. You will use your own body weight and resistance bands to strengthen the body, improve posture and increase flexibility during this full body workout.

Postural Alignment and Somatic Integration

As a participant you will learn foundational movement practices that will encourage and bring mindfulness to how you physically interact in the world through awareness of your body’s alignment, organization and coordination. Activities occur while seated, standing or lying down and include breathwork and meditation to slow the body down, and movements that encourage mobility, strength and flexibility to enliven and awaken. The class also explores exercises which integrate your visual, vocal and tactile senses with breath and movement to cultivate a fuller self-awareness.

Workout! with Erica Nix

Erica Nix is on a mission to make working out fun again. You’ll be sweatin’ to the 90s—Richards Simmons style. This will not be your typical aerobics class. This class is more raw, more colorful, and more ridiculous than any class you will have ever experienced. *This class is held ONLINE via Zoom.*