Add-Ons / Facials

Enhance or extend your massage experience with one of the options below!


Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils distilled from plant sources.  Essential oils smell wonderful, and as a form of herbal medicine, they can have therapeutic and psychological benefits as well.  We offer three signature aromatherapy massage oil blends.

Head Trip

So many of us live in our heads, carrying stress and worry until headaches force us to slow down. Trade worry for bliss as we release the tension held in your neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Enhance this intensely relaxing experience with aromatherapy of your choice.


Many skincare lines claim to be natural or organic but still contain chemical additives which challenge the skin and mask underlying problems. Our facials feature suki’s pure, potent and chemical free line to gently balance and renew your skin.

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient practice which has taken the massage world by storm – and with good reason! The heat of these smooth basalt stones penetrates the muscles, increasing circulation and literally melting the tension away. This is a great option during the cold winter months, but it can also help get deep results without pain.