Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at Myo draw primarily on therapeutic and alignment based traditions like Iyengar; gentle and restorative yoga; and mindfulness and somatic exploration. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, we also offer a beginner’s yoga series. All classes are taught by highly trained teachers experienced with a wide range of bodies, injuries and concerns.

In the past 60 years, the practice of yoga in the US has diverged into many styles, from fitness-focused power yoga classes to spiritual traditions like Kundalini yoga and everywhere in between. There are benefits to all styles, but our focus is on good foundations and form, injury prevention, and pain management through better strength, alignment, and nervous system regulation. We want yoga practice to be an accessible and enjoyable part of your movement journey.

Iyengar / Yoga Wall

Iyengar Yoga places special emphasis on precise alignment and form. For this reason, it is especially well suited for therapeutic applications like balancing structural misalignments. The founder of Iyengar yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar, also pioneered the use of props and the yoga wall, which make yoga accessible for those with injuries or other mobility limitations. Poses in Iyengar are usually held for longer than in other styles of yoga, allowing the practitioner to focus on the details and make adjustments which transform the impact of each posture.

Gentle Hatha

This class uses Hatha yoga poses in an manner adapted to suit each individual. This class is great for students experiencing chronic or acute limitations to mobility, or who desire a slower, more deliberate, and nurturing practice than can be found in faster paced flow practices. It is appropriate for all levels from beginner to long time practitioner.

Beginner Yoga

These classes introduce you to the forms and language of yoga, forming a solid foundation for your yoga practice and giving you the confidence to take more advanced classes.

Vinyasa / Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow comes from the Vinayasa yoga tradition, which focuses on flowing movements from one posture to the next, often coordinated to the breath.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is all about nourishment and stillness, softening into our breath and letting the body fully surrender. These classes provide a much needed counterpoint to life’s constant fast-paced bustle and stress, teaching us to perceive and release tensions in places we may not even be aware of, and giving physiological and psychological rest to the nervous system. They may also be a good place to start if you have mobility limitations or injuries. Poses are completely supported by props, and each is held for 5-20 minutes so that you can fully relax.