Cranio-sacral therapy uses gentle holding and traction to listen to the body’s subtle rhythms and affect the circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid.  It is especially effective for integrating physical and emotional traumas and helping with conditions like migraines or TMJ.

Craniosacral therapists are trained to palpate the subtle fluid motions located deep within the nervous system (NS). When the nervous system is overwhelmed by stress or trauma, the body’s immune function is impaired.  NS dysfunction is a factor in 80% of symptoms for which patients seek medical attention.  Through gentle touch and holding of the bony and soft tissues around the central nervous system, craniosacral therapy (CST) affects this fluid system and helps restore its function of self-healing and trauma resolution.

If you book with Adelyn, the first session includes a specialized intake and, optionally, a tutorial in Applied Somatic Therapy (AST) designed to teach NS self-regulation techniques (e.g. for anxiety & other symptoms) customized to the client’s treatment goals, with the goal of extending the healing process beyond the treatment room. If you would like to experience AST, it is strongly recommended to book 90 minutes on your first visit with Adelyn to allow ample time for both AST and craniosacral work.

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30 Minutes$60
60 Minutes$110
90 Minutes$165

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