Vinyasa / Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa style class with continuous movement from one pose to the next in synchrony with the breath.  Abigail’s classes are invigorating and upbeat for seasoned yoga students yet accommodating to beginners and those with injuries. She challenges students to find flexibility in their practice as well as their bodies while connecting, breath, movement, and strength.

Slow flow Yoga comes from the Vinyasa yoga tradition, which focuses on flowing movements from one posture to the next, often coordinated to the breath.  As compared to a power yoga or Ashtanga class, in a slow flow class poses are held longer, allowing students to get into their bodies, regulate their nervous systems, and experience what it’s like to be present within themselves and their experience. This class is suitable for all levels and body types.


5-Class Pass$100
10-Class Pass$160
Myo Membership
(6 classes + 1 massage per month)
Movement Membership
(unlimited classes)
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(unlimited classes + 1 massage per month)