Private Classes and Movement Therapy in Austin

Working one on one with a movement specialist can be transformative.  In a private session, you and your therapist or coach have the opportunity to explore and assess your specific movement patterns, strengths and limitations.  This allows you to take your movement practice to the next level with more customized instruction and greater awareness of your habits.  It is also ideal for those who have significant injuries of mobility restrictions which make group classes inaccessible.

We offer Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and private sessions for Feldenkrais®, Yoga, Pilates and Floor Barre. Many of our movement teachers are available for private instruction even if you don’t yet see them here.  Please inquire for details and to coordinate availability.

Feldenkrais® FI

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education uses gentle movement and directed attention to explore habitual movement patterns and discover more efficient, graceful and pain-free ways of moving.  Private Feldenkrais lessons are hands-on lessons that are tailored to your specific challenges, needs, and goals.

Private Pilates

In Private Pilates sessions, we work with you to develop a fitness program tailored specifically to you, giving you appropriate modifications and feedback on your form. Pilates engages core muscle groups for improved stability and strengthens muscles through their full range of motion for greater mobility.

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions offer students the opportunity to completely customize their yoga practice with the full support of the instructor. Consider a Private Yoga session if you want specific feedback on form, if you would like a tailored home sequence, or if you’d like to organize a small-group class working on similar concerns.