Iyengar Yoga Rope Wall

The Iyengar Yoga Rope Wall, a groundbreaking innovation by BKS Iyengar, serves as a prop to support and amplify yoga asanas. Dubbed “Yoga kurunta” or “Yoga puppetry,” these rope poses redefine traditional asanas, offering practitioners a unique blend of gravity resistance and joint tension relief. Through strategic application, these poses promote spinal health by decompressing vertebral discs and fostering mental tranquility. Experience the profound benefits of enhanced circulation, organic body opening, and extracellular fluid flow. Join us in embracing innovation in yoga practice and unlocking physical and mental well-being with the Iyengar Yoga Rope Wall.

“B. K.S. Iyengar called the Rope work the celestial poses. They allow you the closest opportunity to experience the principle of akasha, just space. You are in free fall in space and saved, there is a line to save you a safety clause of sorts. I can remember him saying that if your backbend practice recedes, regain the practice first using ropes. They don’t harm, they add space into the body, into the spine, into the mind.” ~Stephanie Quirk Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher World leader in the field of Yoga Therapeutics


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