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Therapeutic Massage Pricing

Includes Therapeutic Massage, Movement Therapy, Facials, and the Head Trip.

30 Minutes$58
60 Minutes$106
90 Minutes$159
CBD Oil add-on+ $10
Aromatherapy add-on+ $5
Hot Stone add-on+ $10
Myo Membership
(5 classes + 1 massage per month)
Unlimited Membership
(unlimited classes + 1 massage per month)

Specialty Massage Pricing

Includes Specialty Massage techniques and Pain Management

30 Minutes$63
60 Minutes$116
90 Minutes$174
Upgrade to Specialty for Member Services and Packages$10/hr

Please note that services under an hour are not visible for online booking. Please reach out via text, email, or phone to request an appointment.

Austin’s Best Massage Therapists

At Myo, we specialize in pain management and deep tissue massage, and we also offer a variety of specialty techniques that target specific body systems, like lymphatic drainage or cranio-sacral therapy, or provide a unique experience, like Thai massage or Ashiatsu.  Our therapists are unmatched in Austin for their experience and expertise.  Together, massage, acupuncture and movement classes provide the foundation for pain relief, better movement, and better living.

If you’d like to book an appointment for acupuncture, movement therapy, or a class, click below.