Find Your Treatment

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from therapeutic massage to specialized techniques designed to address pain and injuries, specific body systems, or medical conditions.  We also offer movement classes that build strength, mobility and balance.

PLEASE NOTE that due to major changes to our services during covid, some of these services and classes are not available. We hope to bring them back or replace with similar offerings in future.

    • For chronic tension and “knots,” try Deep Tissue massage or ask your therapist to focus on Myofascial Release. These techniques work with the deep muscles and connective tissue that define posture, and working on this level can have long-lasting results.  Terra classes like MoveLab, Floor Barre, and Iyengar will also help you develop strength and correct your posture.
    • To speed recovery from athletic training, book a session with a therapist on our Sports massage team.
    • For allergies, immune disorders, inflammation, or to speed recovery from surgery or other injuries, try Lymphatic Drainage.
    • Acupuncture is a great choice for hormonal, digestive and immune imbalances, as well as for nerve pain.
    • To build strength, coordination and balance, MoveLab is the place to start.  Pilates Fit or Slow Flow yoga offer different approaches for similar goals.
    • For better mobility in your legs and feet, or to help with plantar fasciitis, try Floor Barre.


Most of our services can be enjoyed together in the same room with a friend or loved one as a couples massage.  If you’re looking for a special couples experience, consider the Romance Retreat or a Couples Massage Workshop.

We also offer Memberships that make it easy to commit to a wellness plan combining massage and movement for lasting results.

Please get in touch for personalized recommendations.