Hot Stone Massage in Austin

hot stone massageEnjoy the Soothing, Healing Effects of This Popular Treatment.

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient practice which has taken the massage world by storm – and with good reason! The heat of these smooth basalt stones penetrates the muscles, increasing circulation and literally melting the tension away. This is a great option during the cold winter months, but it’s also an effective way to get deep results.

As one of our pain management therapists explains it, hot stone massage “can be purely Swedish and relaxing. Or it can be used in pain management. It can be a combination of trigger point with stones and deep tissue. It is a great way to relax muscle spasms painlessly. It helps to get into the muscle deeper, faster and with less pain. For anyone who needs deep tissue massage but can’t tolerate it, this is a great approach to dealing with their pain.”


60 Minutes$125
90 Minutes$188

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