Our Instructors

Our instructors are selected for their experience, expertise, and passion for movement. Let them help you move better and feel better!

Myo Movement Instructor

Devon Dederich

Devon began formal practice of Iyengar Yoga in 1978, and since then has studied with senior-level Iyengar teachers both here and abroad, as well as with Mr. Iyengar, his son Prashant and his daughter Geeta in Pune. She has taught since 1980 in New Mexico, Africa, and Texas.

Lauren Tietz

Lauren Tietz approaches movement and touch-based therapies with more than twenty years of training, specializing in craniosacral therapy, Pilates, dance, martial arts and Authentic Movement practice. She assists clients and students in learning to speak and understand the language of the body, home to the heart and mind, accessing this fundamental place of presence where the healing process begins and flourishes.

Rachel Meador

Rachel Meador is currently the only certified Floor-Barre™ teacher in Texas. She earned dual degrees from the University of Texas in Dance and Journalism. She has also attended the Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet Training Program where she trained in classical and contemporary ballet, Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods and Floor-Barre™.

Michelle Drerup

As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Michelle has been helping people do what they want to do with greater ease and coordination and with less pain and injury since 2009. Whether you want to improve specific skills or just find greater comfort in your body, she’d love to spare you unnecessary pain, injury, and performance limitations and help you (re)discover/enhance the pleasure of easy, graceful movement.

Alex Miller

Alex is a dancer and Pilates instructor currently pursuing her MFA in Dance.  She started her Pilates training through Balanced Body University. Alex’s dance background brings a contemporary feel to the Pilates method while still holding true to the fundamentals of mindful movement practice in her Pilates mat classes.

Imani Aanu

Imani is a dancer and director with Austin Samba, the largest Brazilian samba dance & drum community in the United States.  She also performs with Bramaya, a West African music and dance ensemble.  Her philosophy as a dance instructor is to inspire confidence and to motivate each person to have fun, enjoy the gift of movement and suspend any self-judgement.

Esta Herold

Esta Herold began her study of yoga in 1986 and teaching classes since 1994.  She has studied with teachers like Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini), Baba Hari Das (Ashtanga) and the Iyengar family. She also brings 20+ years of ballet, 15 years as a long distance runner, HIIT training, study of Tai Chi, weight lifting, and her own healing journey to her understanding of the body.

Joshua Berry

Joshua was always interested in movement, music, art and the spiritual world, and has studied  Capoeira, Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Ji meditation, dance, eastern philosophy and shamanic healing.  For the past 17 years he has focused heavily on Taoist Qi Gong, Tai Ji and Meditation and Hatha Yoga, with a healthy interest in movement and healing from many traditions.

Anna Gieselman

Anna began her yoga studies in 2004. With skillful alignment and ample use of props, Anna hopes to guide students towards a more open and peaceful place in their bodies and mind. A typical class will include meditation, pranayama (breath work), and therapeutic asanas (postures) with the goal of becoming more mindful, grounded and aware of the inner workings of the body.

Megan Gorey

Megan’s classes are alignment focused and use creative sequencing to open the body slowly and safely. A typical class will include a slow gentle warm up focused on breathwork and body connection followed by mindful flows incorporating elements of vinyasa yoga, gymnastics and pilates. Class will wind down with some longer held Yin postures which aim to improve circulation in the joints and work into the deep connective tissues.

Brooke Binstock

Brooke’s yoga teaching style is warm, grounded, compassionate, intuitive and body-centered. She encourages her clients and students to come home to themselves in a gentle, spacious and loving way.

Melinda Barsales

In Melinda’s Restorative Yoga class you will practice conscious relaxation in long-held, supported poses to ease and calm the nervous system, softening into areas of habitual holding and tension, and building awareness around what it means to feel comfortable and relaxed in the body and mind.

Erica Nix

Erica Nix is a certified personal trainer, body positive ambassador, and group fitness instructor.  She stars in her own web series “Workout! with Erica Nix.” Her quirky and crude aerobics classes have grown a loyal following, and now she’s taking her movement to the next level at MYO!

Holly Lyn

Holly is a certified group fitness instructor and has worked with many chiropractors and physical therapists over her 15 years of teaching Pilates and Yoga. She loves to help others recover from injuries and likes to bridge the gap between physical therapy and regular workout regime.

Angelica Mcauley

Angelica is a certified Nia instructor with a decade of experience. Her dance based classes are designed to cultivate fun, supportive learning environments for all bodies and all abilities. No experience necessary!

Stacey Lizette

Stacey Lizette is a professional belly dance instructor and native Austinite. She is one of the first Level 5 certified instructors in the internationally recognized Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats. Stacey has been teaching weekly classes for over 15 years and has traveled widely to study, teach and perform this art form.

Kewal Hausmann

With almost 20 years of teaching experience, Kewal Hausmann is dedicated to helping students feel inspired to make the choices that lead them towards happiness and personal satisfaction. Always the devoted yoga student himself, Kewal has completed trainings at both the ERYT 500 and CIAYT 1000 level, as well as broadening in his skill set as a LMT and Reiki Lvl 2.

Lily Tsai

Lily began studying Middle Eastern dance in Austin, Texas and quickly sought out instructors all over the US and abroad. She formed the first tribal fusion bellydance group in London and is the director of her student troupe “Rakataka” here in Austin. Having taught and studied belly dance workshops in Paris, London, Tokyo, New Zealand, Taiwan, and throughout Texas, Lily continues to share her knowledge through private classes, weekly classes, and workshops.