Our couples workshops are fun and memorable date night experiences, but they also give you skills you will continue to use.

Our “focus area” couples therapeutic massage workshops give you and your partner specific step-by-step techniques to help your friends or loved ones with trouble spots.  These are primarily deep tissue techniques and are designed to be portable, requiring no special set-up or oils. All participants should come to the class dressed in loose fitting clothing.

Our Fundamentals of Touch couples massage class teaches you a vocabulary of touch, including how to listen with your hands, find the right pressure, and position your body effectively to give a 15-minute relaxing massage.  These are primarily Swedish massage techniques using oils or lotion.  Participants should come to the class dressed in loose fitting clothing, but should also be prepared to partially disrobe (with draping for modesty).

Our classes are taught by certified massage therapists with 10+ years of experience. Take the opportunity to learn a few tricks of the trade. Your partner will thank you!

Each class is 2.5-3 hours and is being offered at an introductory rate of $150 per couple.  Private customized classes (at $250) are also available.

Please note that during times of high covid risk, we are only able to offer private classes.

If you don’t see a time above that works for you, please get in touch!

We are happy to schedule classes by request.

Due to the omicron surge, group classes are paused until February and may have to be delayed further depending on risk levels at that time.



Couples Massage Class Request
What class(es) are you most interested in attending?
Are you hoping to schedule a private class ($250) or a group class ($150/couple)? Please note that during times of high covid risk, group classes may not be available.
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