Induction Massage

For moms-to-be, the days or weeks leading up to labor can be the most uncomfortable and stressful. The “due date” is actually a “due window” of several weeks, and babies won’t come before they are ready – nor should they! However, tension and anxiety in the mother can delay or add difficulty to the birth process.

Induction massage uses a combination of relaxing and stimulating techniques focusing on the legs and low back. It will make you more comfortable and prepare you for a less painful labor experience, but although many women do begin labor within 24-72 hours of the massage, there is no guarantee it will induce labor right away. It is ideal to receive massages throughout the pregnancy and schedule Induction massage sessions when you feel you are ready to give birth. If you are trying to avoid a pitocin-induced labor or cesarean, it is best to schedule 3-6 days before the hospital induction date.

90 Minutes – $165