Savannah Warrington

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About Savannah

  • Training: 757 hours
  • School: Discovery Point School of Massage Therapy
  • Licensed since: 2020
  • With Myo since: 2021
  • Continuing Education: Thai, Trigger point, Scar tissue, and Reflexology
  • Areas of expertise: Swedish and Myo
Savannah was born in Texas but has lived in different states and enjoys traveling the world. She has had a love for massage therapy since she was a young girl and is excited to be pursuing her dream. Savannah graduated from DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in 2020 and worked at the award winning Dreamclinic in Seattle before relocating to Austin. She is proficient in Deep Tissue and Myofascial techniques; additionally, she dabbles in Thai, Trigger point, Scar tissue, and Reflexology modalities. She leads with an intuitive and informed touch to impact her clients in a positive way.
How long have you been a licensed massage therapist?

I have been licensed since 2020.

How many hours of training do you have?

I have over 700 hours of training.

Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

I have been drawn to massage therapy since I was around eight years old. I really enjoyed having a positive effect on people after I gave them a massage. Growing older, I was fascinated further by the human anatomy and its complex systems. I was drawn by how I could aid people in healing their greatest tool, their body.

Where did you go to school for massage?

I went to DiscoveryPoint School of Massage in Seattle, Washington.

How do you describe your massage/work to others?

I would describe my work as a journey I take with each client. While human anatomy is relatively standard, each person’s body and how they perceive it presents in a unique way. I enjoy working with my client to address the challenges they are experiencing so the session has a lasting positive effect for them and their wellbeing.

What are some examples of Continuing Education you are interested in and why?

I would like to pursue continuing education in pregnancy, medical, and acupressure massage. I feel this would broaden my scope and add new techniques to better meet a range of client goals for health and wellness in specialized client populations.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I jog, practice yoga, and enjoy reading to keep my mind sharp.

What do you like about working at Myo Massage?

It is important to me that I have a positive and therapeutic impact on my clients and my goal is to continue to develop as a therapist surrounded by experienced, like-minded professionals.  I was drawn to Myo as their culture and values reflect that, not only in their promise to their clients, but also in their dedication to mentorship and supporting the continued professional growth of their therapists. I am excited to be part of a team that is geared towards providing the best care for clients and empowers therapists to meet clients with certified techniques to improve their wellbeing and advance their health and wellness goals.

How has receiving massage affected you personally? 

The first massage I received had a profound effect on me. The session lasted an hour but felt like minutes. I was comfortable speaking with the therapist, a stranger, like an old friend. It seemed as though my body was a pressure cooker and the therapist reduced the heat. I aim to have this type of effect for my clients.