Yoga Therapy

*We currently do not have yoga therapists regularly scheduled but may be able to arrange a session by request. We do have private yoga and other individual movement therapies available.*

Yoga therapy applies yogic postures and techniques to address specific concerns. Yoga therapists have experience with injuries and other chronic conditions, and yoga therapy can be applied to a wide variety of concerns, including arthritis, low back pain, anxiety, poor balance, and high blood pressure.

For those wanting individualized guidance and feedback on developing your yoga or meditative practice, we also offer Private Yoga sessions.  Private yoga sessions offer students the opportunity to completely customize their practice with the full support of the instructor.  Instead of following along in a class setting, a private lesson allows an individual to focus on personal goals such as flexibility, strength or meditation, which they can then apply at home.


60 minutes $116

Please call 512.458.4696 to book a Yoga Therapy or Private Yoga session