Q: What should I expect from my first session?

A: You should plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for paperwork. We can also email the forms to you by request. Initial visits last anywhere between 60-75 minutes and include an in-depth health history and evaluation.  If you arrive late, your treatment will still end on time in consideration of the next client.

Water and other beverages are available as you wait. Your acupuncturist will greet you and show you to the treatment room, where she will discuss medical history, assess the pulses and other diagnostic areas, and formulate treatment goals.

Your acupuncturist will leave the room while you undress and return once you are laying comfortably between the sheets on the table. She will place needles at the appropriate points for your treatment, and then she will leave you to relax. Near the end of the session, she will return to remove the needles and complete your consultation.

Q: Do acupuncture needles hurt?

A: Acupuncture is virtually painless; at most you may feel a slight pinching or tingling sensation, usually only when the needles are first inserted. Most people find the entire experience quite relaxing. The needles used are specially designed for acupuncture and are much smaller than the standard hypodermic needle (only 2 times the width of a single hair).

Q: How often should I receive acupuncture?

A: It depends on your condition, its severity and duration, and other factors like your overall health and your participation in lifestyle changes. Acute problems like a sore throat, congestion, or pain may respond in a single session. Chronic problems usually require at least 4-6 treatments, once or twice weekly.