Q: What makes Myo the best Austin massage studio?

A: We don’t mean to brag! There are many great choices for massage in Austin. But from the beginning, our philosophy has been to prioritize quality in all our decisions, from hiring only the best Austin massage therapists, to our compensation structure, to room design. Most Austin massage establishments compete either on price or amenities. Low prices mean low compensation for therapists, so while you might get a great deal, the best and most experienced therapists don’t usually stay long. The same is often true of massage offered in chiropractic or medical clinics. Spas with fancy decor, free drinks, or lush grounds are focused primarily on creating a luxurious experience. Their therapists are usually trained in relaxation massage and body treatments, but not in the more specialized techniques used to help with medical conditions, injuries, or pain management. Massage can help with many different conditions ranging from chronic pain or headaches to tendonitis to digestive issues, but to get results it’s important to work with a massage therapist with the right training and experience.

At Myo, our therapists have between 2-24 years of experience, with an average of over 11 years. During our hiring process, therapists must demonstrate advanced therapeutic skills in each of the techniques they wish to offer with us. Once hired, they are well compensated and receive additional training and mentorship as needed. As a result, we have a fantastic team of therapists with very little turnover, and we are considered one of the best massage employers in Austin. If you book a specific technique like Sports Massage or Pain Management, you can be assured that your therapist has specialized training and experience in that area, not just an introductory class. And if you find a massage therapist you like, you can work with them over time.