Q: What should I expect from my first session?

A: You should plan to arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for paperwork. If you arrive late, your treatment will still end on time in consideration of the next client.

Water and other beverages are available as you wait. Your therapist will greet you and show you to the treatment room, where you will discuss your health history, bodywork experience, preferences, and goals. Your therapist may also analyze your posture to identify structural imbalances contributing to your pain or tension. This information helps us design your session to best address your needs. If there are any areas of your body that you would rather we avoid, please let your therapist know at this time.

Your therapist will leave the room and return once you are laying comfortably between the sheets on the table. Please undress to your level of comfort. During your massage, you will be draped to protect your privacy, so completely undressing is appropriate. If you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments, please feel free to do so.

Throughout your session please simply relax, breathe and allow us to move your limbs without assistance. Your therapist will check in with you periodically for feedback on pressure and your general comfort. Please speak up if you become uncomfortable for any reason. If you feel pain, if you need more pressure, if the room is too warm or too chilled, if the music too loud, if your sinuses become uncomfortably congested, we need you to let us know! Our work will be most effective if you are comfortable and completely relaxed.

When your session is over, your therapist will leave you to rest for a few minutes. Take your time getting up, note any changes in your body, and let everything sink in. When you’re ready, come back to the reception area and enjoy a glass of water before checking out.