Two years into this pandemic, there has been a lot of progress, but it’s clear that we will be living with waves of covid for some time to come. As always, we are following guidance from the CDC and other sources, which means that our policies will continue to be responsive to the level of community spread as well as the specific risks of variants as they emerge. We take a cautious approach to protect the many immunocompromised staff and clients we serve.

As a general rule of thumb, if Austin is in Stage 4 or higher, we will continue to require masking of everyone throughout their visit, regardless of vaccination status. When things are better and Austin goes to Stage 3 or below, we will evaluate which of our policies may be safely loosened again. In some cases, our policies might change slightly before or after the city policies or CDC recommendations; we are considering multiple sources and indicators. If you are interested in the models we are using, we found this source particularly helpful.

If masking is an important factor to you, please reach out to verify our current policies. We also include this information in our confirmation emails.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Update as of September 5, 2022: Our current masking requirements vary by therapist. Most therapists now allow unmasking during session, but if your therapist is at risk, you may still be required to wear a mask for the duration of your visit even if you are vaccinated. If this is a critical factor to you, please let us know at booking so that we can match you with a lower-risk therapist. Likewise, most teachers do not require masks during class, but certain classes may require it, so please check in the class description before registering.

Therapists who wish to unmask during session may only do so only if you authorize it with the front desk. We will note your preference on your file, so please update us if you wish to change your preference in future.

Masks are still required in common areas out of concern for our high-risk clients and staff. Please come prepared with a well-fitting mask over your nose and mouth. If you have traveled or attended a large gathering within the last week, or if you have any respiratory symptoms where contagion has already been ruled out, (eg allergies or a lingering cough after recovery) we ask that you remain masked during your session as a precaution.