Hunter Rainard


About Hunter

  • Training: 500 hours for Texas license and 48 CE’s
  • School: new Beginning school of Massage
  • Licensed since: year 2015
  • With Myo since: 2022
  • Continuing Education:Lymphatic drainage and cupping therapy, NMT
  • Areas of expertise: Deep Tissue/trigger point, Myo, and Swedish, Intra-oral massage

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“I have been practicing massage since 2015. I originally got into massage therapy as a way to pay my way through school but ended up falling in love with the line of work and have continued to practice on and off for the last 9 years. I am certified in Manual Lymphatic drainage, and cupping therapy, as well as yoga teacher certified. I believe deep therapeutic work derives from knowledge about anatomy and physiology and implementing techniques proven to address pain patterns that emerge. I am moving my work more and more towards neuromuscular therapy and trigger point work as I have found this to be the most effective work not just for my clients but also in my own personal pain management.
 I am especially drawn to working with clients who experience pain in the jaw, head, and neck, as those have been the issues that I have dealt with the most. If you have TMJ issues, teeth grinding, chronic, head and neck pain, ear pain etc., come see me! I am very open to any feedback during the session about what is or isn’t working for you. There are many factors that contribute to pain, and I am here to help you find the best tools and practices on your healing journey. I believe in a holistic approach to health and well being and try to live my life by these principles and encourage others to do so as well.”
How long have you been a licensed massage therapist?

9 years

How many hours of training do you have?


Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

It chose me! It was offered to me as an option to pay for my higher education and became something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

Where did you go to school for massage?

New beginning school of massage

How do you describe your massage/work to others?

A blend of strategic, evidence based techniques, as well as using my intuition. I like to listen to what the client wants, and communicate what I believe could be the underlying structural/postural/neuromuscular root of the issue.

What are some examples of Continuing Education you are interested in and why?

Neuromuscular Therapy is my main interest at the moment. I am working toward becoming NMT certified, I think NMT is the future of evidence-based, therapeutic bodywork and offers the most proven benefits for chronic pain and dysfunction in the body.

Specifically, trigger point work in the jaw/face, i.e. intra-oral massage, is what I am most interested in at the moment. Receiving this work regularly has changed my pain drastically and I want to help others who suffer from these conditions as well.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Yoga, gardening, swimming, barre, getting regular massage, playing music, being outside as much as possible!

What do you like about working at Myo Massage?

That it is a place known for its therapeutic work and high quality, that it is well run and looked after by qualified therapists who are passionate about body work.

How has receiving massage affected you personally?

It has made me a more well rounded person. Less anxious, able to listen to my own body, able to slow down and connect with others. I use to clench my jaw and get very bad headaches, as well as have issues with my voice and breathing patterns. Through NMT, I have found relief in all of these issues.