Jesse Slater

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About Jesse

  • Training: 1200 # hours
  • School: Central Oregon Community College
  • Licensed since: 2016
  • With Myo since: 2023
  • Continuing Education: Thai Massage, Cupping therapy
  • Areas of expertise: Deep Tissue, Swedish, The Myo

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Jesse knows all about the active outdoor lifestyle, growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, hiking and skiing. He moved to Oregon after high school and pursued his career in alternative heath care starting with massage therapy. After receiving his Associates degree for massage therapy in 2016, Jesse’s passion for alternative healthcare grew. In 2018 Jesse began chiropractic school, and graduated in 2021 with his Doctorate of Chiropractic. Jesse then moved to the Austin area with his girlfriend to continue their journey of learning from experiences. Using his years of learning about alternative healthcare, Jesse strives to provide the highest quality of heath care to his patients. Jesse still is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to cook yummy food and explore with his girlfriend and their dog.
How long have you been a licensed massage therapist?

I have been a licensed massage therapist for 6 years

How many hours of training do you have?

1500 Hours

Why did you choose massage therapy as your career?

I grew up getting massages and bodywork from family members and realized the importance at a young age. I also love being able to help people feel better using my hands as well as educating them on their condition and how to help themselves feel better

Where did you go to school for massage?

I went to school in Bend, Oregon at Central Oregon Community College

How do you describe your massage/work to others?

I would describe my work to others as very personalized. I like to cater to what the patient is feeling as well as what I am feeling. I would say my work has a flow to it, I like blending a lot of styles together as well as different strokes. I use my fingers to my elbows and I enjoy moving the body around through ranges of motion.

What are some examples of Continuing Education you are interested in and why?

I am interested in a lot of firm pressure style massage therapy. I also enjoy having the goals of range of motion and decreasing pain in massage therapy.

What do you do to stay healthy?

I work out with my girlfriend multiple times a week participating in weight training, balance training (slack line), and rock climbing. I love to hike, backpack, stand up paddle, snow ski, and play with my dog. I also love cooking at home with my girlfriend most nights.

How has receiving massage affected you personally?

I grew up getting bodywork from my family. After suffering multiple concussions in my teen years, massage therapy has helped me deal with a lot of chronic neck pain as well as migraine headaches.

What do you like about working at Myo Massage?

I enjoy the freedom doing of non cookie-cutter massages and allowing the therapists to choose their treatment.