Errin Delperdang

My love affair with anatomy, physiology, and the joy of movement started as a young dancer and continues to this day. After receiving a BFA from University of Texas and living a dancer’s dream in New York I returned to Austin and started teaching Pilates. I saw many people following injuries or surgeries and was frustrated by the limits in my understanding of healing and recovery. The search for more tools to address folk’s pain and limitations in function led me down the path to physical therapy (PT). When introduced to pelvic floor PT my first year in school it was an instant fit.

Pelvic floor PT addresses issues related to our most basic human functions. Topics related to pelvic health are often taboo and reliable information can be hard to come by. People with conditions related to their bowel, bladder, and sexual function may feel alone because these health issues are not widely discussed. These realizations stoked my interest in pelvic floor PT. I gained experience in the specialty over three years with Urology Austin, becoming their lead physical therapist. I saw patients from 17 to 93 years of age, all genders, with symptoms ranging from incontinence to painful sex to constipation and everything in between – pelvic floor issues can truly strike anyone at anytime.

A couple years into treating patients, I often saw people get better but have symptoms return when they started running again… or biking, or climbing, or dancing, etc. I went into private practice in order to support people all the way through recovery, from managing symptoms to reaching their activity goals. My mission is to provide inclusive pelvic health and personalized, progressive training focused on education, empowerment, and support throughout the continuum of care. It is my goal to collaborate with all those who seek advice, information, treatment, and encouragement to improve their urinary, bowel, and sexual function in order to live a happier, healthier life and enjoy their body to the fullest.

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