We’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching a selection of in-person class series starting October 1st!

When we closed 6 months ago, we had no idea the impact that COVID-19 would have on all of us, or how long it would last.  The pandemic is nowhere near over, but we know better how to manage the risks, and we feel it’s time to play a role in safely rebuilding health and community.  We are grateful to everyone for your patience, and in particular to those members who have stuck with us all this time.  If you have questions about your membership, please let us know – many of you have partially unused class packs that can be unfrozen whenever you are ready to return.

Your safety is our top priority. To minimize risks, some of our classes will be held outdoors, all indoor classes will require masks, any equipment will be sanitized between each use, and we will have HEPA air filters running in the classroom.  Additionally, most classes will be held as a series with the same pod of no more than 6 students, so that exposure is limited.  We will also continue a limited selection of online classes for those not yet ready to visit the studio. 
Here’s what we have in store: 
Feldenkrais: Walking with your Entire Spine
Pilates Fit Series
Floor Barre Series
Natural MoveCamp (outdoors)
Tone & Stretch Series
Iyengar Yoga: Season of Change (outdoors)
Flow Yoga: Exploring Transitions (outdoors)

We will also have a weekly online drop-in schedule including Feldenkrais, Floor Barre, Core Barre, Pilates Fit, and Workout! with Erica Nix.
For class details and to register, click HERE.
How it works:
In order to limit exposure, all in-person classes are being offered as pre-registered series or one-time events.  Drop-ins will not be available except for online classes.  Don’t delay signing up!  Class size is limited.  Conversely, classes with insufficient interest may be cancelled.  If your class does not make, we will contact you with options.  Please check back for additions and changes!

When you register, you are signing up to attend the entire 1-5 week series. Pricing varies depending on the series length.  If you miss a class, you will have access to an online class of your choice, but registration fees are not refundable.  In the case of illness, please contact us as soon as possible for arrangements.  Active memberships and class packs may be applied to series; please contact us if you have trouble registering with your preferred payment option.

As part of our Stage 2 re-opening plan, we have numerous new policies and procedures in place for the protection of both clients and staff.  We appreciate your cooperation to make things as safe as possible for everyone.    

Please take the time to review the new guidelines and protocols you can expect on your next visit:

– All necessary paperwork, including a new Covid-19 release form, must be filled out in advance.
– For indoor classes, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to accommodate our new screening procedures.  Text us at 512-458-4696 to let us know you are parked. When it’s your turn, we will unlock the door for you, check your temperature and ask a few screening questions.
– A properly fitted mask must be worn over your nose and mouth for the duration of your time indoors.  
– Please bring your own water bottle, but otherwise leave unnecessary belongings in your car.  If you need special accommodations in terms of equipment please contact us in advance so that we can prepare.
– After class, you will leave out the back door into the alley, unless you need assistance from the front desk.
– For outdoor classes, please meet your teacher at the stage area in Triangle park.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience with our team.  We look forward to getting moving with you very soon!